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Auto Glass Force INC. Warranty

Auto Glass Force INC. offers a Lifetime Warranty against any leaks, molding issues or defects in glass if all parts replaced by AGF. We only use OE and OEM quality glass which ensures long life and the structural integrity of your car. If our original work needs adjustment or repair, we will do it at no cost to you as long as you own or lease the vehicle we serviced.

Auto Glass Force INC. is also known or mentioned as AGF.

Warranty Requirements

  • You will need to show proof of purchase such as your original work order, or invoice.
  • You can show proof of credit card statement.
  • At no time will Auto Glass Force INC. INC. reimburse for out of pocket repair expenses unless there is prior approval by an Auto Glass Force INC. manager.


Warranty Process

If you have any installation issues with your Auto Glass repair or replacement, please contact us via email, website message, or by phone so we can resolve the issue on timely manner.

Warranty Limitations:

Our warranty coverage area is only in California. Auto glass damage resulting from auto collision, car theft, vandalism, vehicle owner negligence and natural disaster is excluded from our auto glass repair and replacement warranty. Any rust damage Windshield without repair is excluded from leaks. Auto Glass Force INC. is not responsible for any window regulator and motor damage due to break in, which causes the regulator brackets break or bent or sometimes the wire comes short, or the motor can jammed. Any wiring or switch problems on your car due to break in is not part of door glass installation.

Every car glass service we provide comes with

Hight Quality Safety Glass

We only use the OE and OEM replacement car glass for your vehicle, which ensures a correct safety standard fit and a long lasting, strong windshield that wont shatter in to pieces.

Professional and Certified Service providers

Our techs goes through extensive training in shop and once they qualify for one man install, we send them out on the field fully equipped with auto glass tools.


Auto Glass Force INC. U.S made primer and Adhesive that dries fast and materials are industry standard, ensuring a perfect bond between your windshield and body structure.

Lifetime Warranty

California based Life time warranty on leaks and glass defects.


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