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Fun Fact: Auto Glass Force Inc. can save you from tickets!

Driving with a cracked windshield legal in California?

26710. It is unlawful to operate any motor vehicle upon a highway when the windshield or rear window is in such a defective condition as to impair the driver’s vision either to the front or rear.

In the event any windshield or rear window fails to comply with this code the officer making the inspection shall direct the driver to make the windshield and rear window conform to the requirements of this code within 48 hours. The officer may also arrest the driver and give him notice to appear and further require the driver or the owner of the vehicle to produce in court satisfactory evidence that the windshield or rear window has been made to conform to the requirements of this code.

Defective Windshields and Rear Windows Auto Glass Force Inc. is where you need us to be with free mobile service at any location for you to get you back safely on the road again because its much better for us to fix your windshields,door windows, rear windshields, Sunroofs, windscreens, rear windows, vent glasses is the ones on the door those little triangular types, quarter windows, back glass and chip repairs those are like a dime size shape looks like a spider web type or a star shape can be a non cosmetic fix to save you money from buying a new windshield and stop it from expanding or spreading any further Auto glass Force Inc. is an auto glass near you. We will be there in any window time same day appointments in hours back on the road. Free mobile service in any city your in are Rancho Cordova, Folsom, downtown,old downtown, Rio Vista, Elk grove, Citrus Heights Arcadia you call us we will be there at your place of work or residents with Free mobile service as soon as you need us instead of getting a ticket and wasting money than that money can go to a new windshield or window glass.

Left Side picture is a regular windshield or if you have a windshield with technology with heads up display, lane departure warning system lane keep assist or with a rain sensor when the windshield wipers automatically adjust how fast or slow the rain is coming down we take care of it like you see in the second picture.

Finally out come new windshield and no ticket with no headaches all worth it calling Auto Glass Force Inc.

Call Auto Glass Force INC
for all your Auto Glass repair and windshield replacement needs.


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