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Why Choose AGF

Why Choose AGF



Some of those sensors are housed in the front or rear windshield. ADAS technologies most often mounted in a windshield include autonomous emergency braking (AEB), lane-departure warning, collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control.



The Head-Up Display system uses a small projector and a system of mirrors that beam high-contrast images onto a translucent film on the windscreen. Images are projected directly into the driver's line of sight, and appear about two meters away, making them easy to read and process.


HUD type systems were originally invented for combat aircraft and were designed to provide the pilot with all essential information for the flight, without having to take his eyes off the target.


LDW systems use a camera to monitor lane markings and detect when a vehicle is drifting out of its lane of traffic. When it detects that a vehicle is veering out of its lane, an audio, visual, or other alert warns the driver of the unintentional lane shifts so the driver can steer the vehicle back into its lane.


Honda Sensing systems, including the Lane Keeping Assist System, can be turned off by you — the driver. Press the MAIN or LKAS button to shut the system off.


After all, a cracked glass lowers your car's ability to block out all noises that could harm your senses, eventually affecting your health. Windshields with acoustic glazing are effective in considerably reducing the sounds, thereby reducing discomfort for the one driving as well as the passengers in the car.


Condensation Sensor – usually located near the rear view mirror, it detects moisture on the inside of the windshield and automatically adjusts the climate control to reduce the fogging effect.


humidity sensor detects moisture in the air and regulates fresh air intake. As moisture in the air changes the humidity sensor adjusts the air so, your windshield does not fog up. this is typically a 'Black Box' on the passenger side of the rear view mirror


You can check if you have a rain sensor system in your car. First, if your wipers automatically turn on when raindrops come in contact with the windshield then you have a sensor. You can also check by looking from the outside – behind the rear view mirror.


The black band and spots on the windshield are called the frit. An important windshield component, the frit is a black enamel band that is quite literally baked into the edges of the windshield glass, this is how the glass is bonded to the frame of the vehicle.



Similar to the third visor, the objective to the windshield shade band is to keep the sun out of your eyes. However, instead of exclusively being behind the rear view mirror, it is a band of tint that runs along the entire top of your windshield. The most common colors are green and blue.


It's marked on the glass, often with the vehicle brand information. Look for the word “Acoustic” or “Sound Screen” or the image of an ear with a curved arrow passing by it in one of the 4 corners, or the top or bottom center of the windshieldIf it's not there, it's not acoustic glass.

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